Catholic Creative


Catholic Creative is the media office for the Archdiocese of Sydney. We are dedicated to publicising and promoting the values and work of the Catholic Church through our interaction with parishes, Church Agencies, the media and the general public.

Catholic Creative offers a full service in design, print, web and multimedia production. We can also assist you with web hosting, marketing,media advice and social media strategies. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will offer you a competitive quote.

Mission Statement

  • We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the promotion of its message through the teachings of the Catholic Church and the sharing of our spirituality.
  • We believe a central message of the Gospel is to build relationships, thus facilitating effective communication.
  • We also recognise the importance of new communications technology and the role it plays in not only the fast delivery of news but shaping and moulding culture as well as evangelisation.
  • We are committed to assisting our clients to communicate their mission through the best possible and/or most suitable means available, in a professional and personal manner.
  • We are open to learning new ways to do this.
  • We willingly provide media and marketing advice, consultation and liaison, and associated services.
  • An important aspect of our mission is encouraging Church agencies and selected personnel to:
    – evaluate their communication needs
    – understand how media outlets work
    – be confident in dealing with the media
  • At all times we endeavour to be welcoming and hospitable, treating our clients, visitors and one another with respect, courtesy and affirmation.

Our Staff

Selina Hasham
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Vlodek Latanik
Graphic Designer
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Charlie Azzi
Graphic Designer
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Clayton Diack
Multimedia Designer
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Anthony Milic
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Muthulingam Balaruban (Ruban)
Web Developer
Tel: (02) 9390 5300

Gelina Montierro
Digital Content Producer

For Graphic Design and Internet Services services please call 02 9390 5300 or e-mail

Selina Hasham, Director
Level 5, Polding Centre, 133 Liverpool Street, Sydney 2000
141 Liverpool Street Sydney New South Wales 2000 AU
(02) 9390 5300(02) 9390 5300
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