September 25, 2023
His Beatitude Cardinal Rai was joined by 10,000 Maronites at Ken Rosewall Arena for the high point of the eparchy's golden jubilee
September 15, 2023
Fr Joseph Carola SJ spoke to students, clergy and members of the public for the latest instalment of Scholarship at the Cathedral
September 12, 2023
Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP in his homily proclaimed the goodness of priestly celibacy, pushing back against the view that “no normal man would commit to it.”


Homily for the Feast of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist + Mass for Consecrated Life

Last week the Governance Institute of Australia released their eighth annual Ethics Index which charts popular perceptions of how ethical is the conduct of those in particular professions and sectors. The 2023 results indicate that, as a nation, we expect more in terms of integrity, professionalism and honesty…

Homily for Mass of the Memorial of Sts Cosmas and Damian

In ancient times the celestial spheres were thought to influence our health, moods, actions, fate. It’s not so crazy: after all, the sun is crucial for days and seasons, sleep and wake, photosynthesis and life. It’s light and warmth affects our moods, and some people suffer seasonal affective disorders. Its partner, the moon, influences the earth’s axis and wobble…

Homily for Mass for Tuesday 24th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1

Over the last fortnight, the world has watched on in horror as two disasters struck North Africa. First, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake claimed around 3,000 lives as it devastated Morocco’s capital Marrakech and wiped-out whole villages in the Atlas Mountains. Those mountains rise by 1mm per year as tectonic plates press against each other, but roughly once-in-a…