The Power of Praying for Others

26 Apr 2019

In prayer, we discover who God is and who we are before Him. One form of prayer is a prayer of petition, where we ask, beseech, plead, invoke, entreat, cry out, beg and even sometimes wrestle with God. Another is intercession, where we ask in a similar way, but on behalf of others. We can pray, or intercede, for others, just as the Saints pray/intercede for us. In today’s podcast, Sister Gemma Marie explores these two forms of prayer and the experiences she’s had as an intercessor for many.

Spoken by Sister Gemma Marie (Sisters of the Immaculata, Australia)

1. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. (Mt. 21:22). Do I have faith in God’s provision when I make prayers of petition?
2. Do I intercede for others daily? Or do I tend to pray for myself?

Make a list of all those who’ve asked for your prayers, and even those who haven’t but might need it – and pray for them one by one!

Act of Petition
Give me yourself, O my God, give yourself to me.
Behold I love you, and if my love is too weak a thing,
grant me to love you more strongly.
I cannot measure my love to know how much it
falls short of being sufficient,
but let my soul hasten to your embrace
and never be turned away until it is hidden
in the secret shelter of your presence.
This only do I know,
that it is not good for me when you are not with me,
when you are only outside me. I want you in my very self.
All the plenty in the world which is not my God is utter want.

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Ask a family member to tell you about a deceased relative you’ve never met and then pray for that relative today