Redress payment

Payments will be decided on an individual basis. They will range from less than $10,000 through to $150,000.

Any earlier payments related to the abuse will be deducted from your redress payment.

  • This includes payments from other redress and victims of crime schemes and out of court settlements.
  • Earlier payments will be adjusted to today’s value. An annual inflation rate of 1.9% will be used.
  • The adjusted amount will be deducted.
  • Past payments that were made to support people with medical bills or other items, will not be taken into account for redress.

Redress payments will be:

  • non-taxable
  • exempt from Commonwealth debt recovery
  • exempt from income tests relevant to Commonwealth Government payments
  • exempt from creditors where a person is bankrupt.

A redress payment can be included as part of the assets test for Commonwealth Government payments.