20 Jan 2019


This morning’s story of Jesus’ “first great sign, given at Cana in Galilee,” is dazzling in its scale. Jesus turns wine into water, but not just enough wine for those at the wedding reception to drink, but about 800 litres – enough to drown them in! (Jn 2:1011)

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06 Jan 2019

Youth Sermon: The Feast of the Epiphany

 In this Youth sermon, Cheryl Anthony from Liverpool, invites us to reflect on the two different perspectives in the story of the Epiphany – that of King Herod and that of the Three Magi (or Three Wise Men).   REFLECT Who do I relate to more? King Herod – wanting complete control over our […]

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05 Jan 2019

The Slow Food Movement

  Your browser does not support the audio element. If the audio player above is not working on your browser, download the mp3. This is an excerpt from the Pre-WYD19 Catechesis by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on 7th December 2018. REFLECT Are there any areas in my life where I’m moving ‘too fast’? (Fast food, […]

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04 Jan 2019

Being an artist for the Church

 Portrait artist, Paul Newton, shares his thoughts on being an artist for the Church and advice for artists wanting to make a contribution to the Church through their art. This interview was filmed at the Catholic Creatives meetup in Sydney on November 22, 2018.   REFLECT How can I make a contribution to the […]

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03 Jan 2019

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

Jesus our Saviour and coffee orders: the importance of names A simple joy in my life is when cafes don’t ask for my name when grabbing my coffee order. I know what you’re probably thinking – what a silly, downright petty thing to find joy over. But for someone with a unique name like mine, […]

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02 Jan 2019

Feast Facts with St Basil the Great

 Today is the feast day of Saint Basil the Great, who was an influential theologian who supported the Nicene Creed and opposed the heresies of the early Christian church, such as Arianism – the belief that Jesus, as the Son of God, was created by God, and therefore neither coeternal nor consubstantial with the Father. […]

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01 Jan 2019

Meditations with Fulton Sheen: Devotion to Mary

 Sketch of Fulton Sheen by Beth Larkin Meditate upon the profound words of Venerable Fulton Sheen, best known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio. In this episode, we reflect upon his words on devotion to Mary. Quiet your heart and begin this video in a state of prayer. Afterwards, […]

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