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What is fasting?

12 Apr 2019

What is fasting? Is it the same as dieting? Is it just about giving up something? In this video, we learn what fasting is, why Jesus did it and why we do it.

1. After watching this video, how has my attitude changed towards fasting?
2. How can I fast better this Holy Week?

Jesus, tender and loving Lamb of God,
Utmost Sacrifice of all sacrifices,
Your glory is reverberated in the highest.
Being preoccupied with my well-being,
You chose to self-sacrifice Yourself,
Setting aside all Your personal glories.
I thank You Lord Jesus for Your act of love!
Your action has drawn me closer to You.
Teach me to model in smaller things,
To sacrifice in order to help others,
Guiding my soul to endure abstinence.
Lamb of God, I thank you endlessly!

ACT Visit a deceased family member’s grave and pray for them