Project Compassion: Peter’s Story

27 Mar 2019

Peter is thrilled to now have clean water on tap at his boarding school. Long walks to unsafe water sources were tiring for Peter, who is living with a disability. With more free time and fewer illnesses caused by dirty water, Peter can fulfil his hope of focusing on his studies, providing him with brighter future.

Credit: Caritas Australia

1. What are some things I take for granted in my every day life?

2. What can I do to be more grateful for these things today?
Eg. Taking water for granted. Today I can have a shorter shower.

3. St Mary Mackillop says famously, ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’, how can I and others help to address the needs of the world today?

Loving God, You hear all the prayers we offer here today.
We thank you for your gift of water, the source of life.
We ask you to accompany us as we journey
with our sisters and brothers who are experiencing
water shortages around the world.
Help us to lift our voices with them as we share their pain.
We pray for Peter, that he is able to work
toward his future full of hope.
We ask this prayer in your name.

Peter’s school has been experiencing water shortages for the past six decades. Students would have to leave the school in search of water, which was often dirty. Thankfully, they now have a tap which brings access to clean water.
You, your school, youth group or community could experience this by having a day or a week where you are only able to use one tap for handwashing and drinking.

For Schools/Youth Groups: Peter and his community know how precious every drop of water is. Create a water wall in your group with every young person creating and decorating their own water droplet to add to the display. Alternatively they could create water themed poems. These droplets can be sold to family and friends at the end of Lent.

ACT Find someone in your life who needs help with a chore or task