Overcoming Fear of Commitment (Vocations)

26 Mar 2019

Allergic to commitment? Fear of committing can stop us in our tracks and leave us stagnant in our journey of life. Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP speaks on why so many young people today are allergic to commitment.

Source: The Vocation Centre Sydney

“You are made to give your heart to someone, to something.”

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

1. Which area of my life do I have trouble making a commitment in?
2. What are the fears that make it difficult for me to decide?

My God, I love you!
Thank you for loving me.
I am sorry for all my sins,
The wrongs I have caused others,
And the good I have neglected to do.
Help me to be faithful and careful.
I will listen to what you say.
I will serve you.

ACT Throughout Lent, for every event you get invited to, commit to an answer – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’