Extraordinary Women: Sisters in Kazakhstan

16 Mar 2019

This is Sister Rita Kurochkina. She works at a children’s shelter in the parish of Kapshagay in Kazakhstan. In this country, communism brought huge devastation. Many people stopped believing in God. Sister Rita takes care of many children who have experienced incredibly traumatic events. They witnessed their parents battle with alcohol abuse, and sometimes were badly beaten by their own parents. For these children the abuse was so bad that they ran away from their homes, because of how their parents mistreated them. Despite such difficult situations, Sister Rita tries to meet their needs by creating a family home for them.

There are three sisters working there: Sister Viera, Sr Samuela and Sr Rita. They are always with the children, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The wholesome development of the kids is very important to them. They help with their homework, drive them to and from school, bring them to various activities, and help them develop hobbies. The biggest reward the Sisters say will be if the children grow up to be kind and good people. The Sisters want to say thanks to Aid to the Church and Need for helping and supporting them and their mission.

“In this country communism brought huge devastation. Many people stopped believing in God.”
1. What do you think happens to a country that stops believing in God? How would that affect multiple layers of society, government institutions, schools, families?

“The biggest reward the sisters say will be if their children grow up to be kind and good people.”
2. Think about your own life and mission, what will your biggest reward be?
3.. How will you measure success?

God of Compassion, whenever two or three are gathered in your name you are in their midst. Loving God, you have called us each by name and invited us to respond as a community of faith with hope, help and healing to those whose lives have been wounded by betrayal, abuse and violence.
​Heal them and make them whole, that they may once more receive and give love with confidence in their dignity as your sons and daughters.
In Jesus name.

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