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St Pauls Publications (Australia) is a Catholic publishing house operated by the priests and brothers of the Society of St Paul. It is part of the ST PAULS group of publishing houses operating in 27 countries. Present in Australia since 1953, it is a publisher of religious books specialising in biblical, devotional, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual aspects of the Christian life. It also publishes official Catholic Church documents and Sunday liturgical bulletins for use in Churches throughout Australia. It’s publishing house is located in Sydney suburb of Strathfield.


The Society of St Paul also operates St Pauls Book Centre in the grounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane. It is a point of contact with the Catholic Church for many people. People with no religious affiliation or Catholics who have been away from the Church for many years often feel uncomfortable knocking on the door of a presbytery or convent. They feel more comfortable entering a bookstore in the city, wandering around, looking at the books and posters and CDs, and eventually coming up to one of the two priests in the Centre and saying hello.

There is still a great interest in the Catholic Church and in religion in general. Nearly every day people come into the centre searching for meaning and for answers to questions in their lives and they are eager to hear what the Catholic Church has to say. The staff at the centre are aware that the centre in a way represents the face of the Church to many people. They try to be courteous and friendly, and try to create an atmosphere that is joyful, welcoming and aesthetically attractive. They are striving to say: this is the Church, a place of peace, joy and welcome.

This organisation is not a service of the Archdiocese of Sydney. Please direct any query to the organisation directly.

St Pauls Publications, 35 Meredith Street, Strathfield, NSW 2135 Australia
35 Meredith Street Strathfield New South Wales 2135 AU