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The Catholic Chaplaincy develops the Catholic faith and life among the students of Macquarie University (as well as its staff), fostering a community of faith on campus for all to find support in living their faith. Its mission is to seek to help the students grow in holiness through the following four stages: evangelisation, catechesis, sacraments and service. The Chaplaincy engages with the different aspects of the life of the university, and its various groups, through reason and dialogue to promote the development of a Catholic culture on campus. It works towards the authentic human development of the students in all their diversity as well as promoting and nurturing a profound intellectual Catholic life.


The Chaplaincy is responsible for:

  • supporting and encouraging Catholic student societies, and encouraging co-operation between the different Catholic student groups on campus
  • supporting and coordinating evangelisation activities that focus both on persons and the overall culture
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for participation in the sacraments, prayer, catechesis, discussion, service and community building activities.
  • Offering a visible presence of the Catholic Church on campus and actively seeking to engage Catholic and non-Catholic students in dialogue on important questions and issues common to all.
  • Supporting and co-operating with chaplains from other universities in Sydney and throughout the country.
  • Actively seeking to build a bridge with Catholic secondary schools so as to enable their students maximum opportunity to engage in the catholic life on campus once at the university

Ongoing events

– Daily Mass

– Regular availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

– RCIA Courses

– Bible Studies

– Formation programs on faith, spiritual life, saints etc

– Formation specifically for men and women

– The pastoral follow up of students and staff

– Extensive library of spiritual books

Retreats and Conferences

– Leadership retreat

– Mid-year Retreat

– Student Society Executives meeting


– O-Week

– Life Week

– Christ week

– Outreach with the homeless

Special Events

– Regular gatherings for students

– Key Liturgical Celebrations on major feasts

– Soccer Tournaments

– Harbour Cruise

– Society Ball

This organisation is a service of the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Level 4, C5C, Macquarie University, NSW 2109
3 Innovation Road Macquarie Park New South Wales 2113 AU