Life, Marriage and Family Team

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The Life, Marriage, and Family Team is a service of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and is an integral part of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation.

The team provides parish-based marriage and family support, supporting, guiding and building up a culture of life, marriage and family within parishes and across deaneries.

It also offers formation and support opportunities and events for parents and leading couples in parishes; working with priests and parishes to help create, sustain and expand marriage and family culture; and delivering resources to assist in this mission.

The Life, Marriage, and Family Team also provides for the spiritual needs of the faith community and those on the peripheries through the facilitation of focused prayer opportunities, liturgies, retreats, Masses celebrated for various occasions, and prayer and healing ministries.

Ivica Kovac – Life, Marriage and Family Officer
Hashya Weerakkody – Life, Marriage and Family Officer – Marriage Focus
Simon Yeak – Sacramental Life and RCIA Coordinator


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