Life, Marriage and Family Office

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The Life, Marriage, and Family Office is a service of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and is an integral part of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation.

It exists to promote the Good News of Jesus Christ; the inviolable dignity, uniqueness and sanctity of the human person created in the image and likeness of God; and the immutable good of marriage and family life which are, fundamentally, the critical building blocks of any flourishing society.

The Catholic Church has the ongoing responsibility to share this good news, i.e. the Gospel of Life and Love, with the whole world. To this end, it seeks to support parishes, organisations and individuals that foster these same goals as well as facilitate quality formative opportunities which are accessible and present the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church in an engaging and contemporary manner.

More specifically, the Life, Marriage, and Family Office aims to:

  • Encourage, accompany and resource individuals, parishes, pastoral councils, schools, educators, and parents who work to establish and promote a culture of life and love throughout the Archdiocese of Sydney.
  • Seek new ways to proclaim the truth, goodness and beauty of human life, marriage and family within Australian society.
  • Identify and collaborate with existing State and national groups as well as organisations engaged in activities which promote the good of life, marriage and family.
  • Promote formative opportunities which present a holistic understanding of the human person, marriage and the family within the tradition of the Catholic Faith.
  • Advocate for and encourage local pro-life, marriage and family initiatives.
  • Develop, produce, and identify resources which support the work of the Life, Marriage, and Family Office and provide means by which they are easily accessible.
  • Develop, produce, and identify resources which support the work of men’s ministry throughout the Archdiocese of Sydney and collaborate with existing groups who already advocate in this area of evangelisation.
  • Identify and facilitate the provision of engaging and authoritative presenters who confidently speak to the issues that concern the area of mission, life, marriage and family.
  • Assist family groups and organisations in providing support to youth, including pro-life youth, and university groups.
  • Participate in and encourage the lobbying of government departments and members of parliament on issues which affect the good of the human person from conception to natural death, parental and individual rights to freedom of religion, speech and conscience, as well as those which may negatively impact the family unit and society generally.
Simon Yeak
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