Plenary Council – Listen to what the Spirit is saying …

The Second Assembly – What Next?

The Second Assembly of the Plenary Council has now concluded. The Plenary Council website contains information on the outcomes of the Assembly which you can find here

You can read the Concluding Statement from the Second Assembly here


What happens now?

We have moved into the Implementation Phase and the work continues with a plan over the next five years to regularly review the actions taken in parishes, dioceses and organisations along the Plenary Council journey.

Over the next few months, through to November, the Acts of the Plenary Council will be finalised and the Decrees will be sent to Rome for approval.

In accordance with Canon 446 of Canon Law, decrees are not to be promulgated until they have been reviewed by the Apostolic See.


Next steps

  1. The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council will be responsible for establishing terms of review for the Plenary Council’s implementation;
  2. A roundtable body will be responsible for co-ordinating the review;
  3. Interim reports will be published in 2023 and 2025; and
  4. The final review report will be published five years after the Second Assembly in 2027.

Much of the work of implementation will take place at the local level, including at diocesan synods that are expected to take place within the next five years (Plenary Council Post Edition 49).