Other Churches (Rites)

The Catholic Church consists of 24 autonomous Churches using six different Rites: Latin, Byzantine, Alexandrian, Antiochian (West Syriac), Armenian, Chaldean (East Syriac).

These Catholic Churches recognise one another as sharing the essentials of the one Catholic, Apostolic Faith and are therefore in full Communion with one another. As the Second Vatican Council declared, “It has come about through divine providence that, in the course of time, different Churches set up in various places by the apostles and their successors joined together in a multiplicity of organically united groups which, whilst safeguarding the unity of the faith and the unique divine structure of the universal Church, have their own discipline, enjoy their own liturgical usage and inherit a theological and spiritual patrimony. This multiplicity of local Churches, unified in a common effort, shows all the more resplendently the catholicity of the undivided Church.” – Lumen Gentium 23.

Maronite Eparchy of Australia

Location: ‘Beit Maroun’,
105 The Boulevarde
STRATHFIELD NSW 2135, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9642 0211
Fax: +61 2 9742 5290
Mailing Address:
PO Box 385, STRATHFIELD NSW 2135, Australia
E-mail: chancery@maronite.org.au
Website: www.maronite.org.au

Maronite Bishop of Australia
His Excellency, Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay

Rite: Antiochian/West Syriac

Melkite Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand

Rev Archimandrite Robert Rabbat 
Eparchy of Saint Michael, The Archangel of Sydney
for Melkite Greek Catholics of Australia and New Zealand
80 Waterloo Road

PO Box 620

Telephone: (02) 9758 0222
Facsimile: (02) 9758 0233
E-mail: eparchy@melkite.org.au
Website: www.melkite.org.au

Rite: Byzantine

Eparchy of Melbourne for Ukrainian Catholics

Most Reverend P Stasiuk
Eparchy of Saints Peter and Paul

Bishop’s Chancery
35 Canning Street

Telephone: 03 9320 2560
Facsimile: 03 9320 2544
E-mail: eparchy@catholicukes.org.au
Website: https://catholicukes.org.au/

Rite: Byzantine

Armenian Church

Father Parsegh (Basil) Sousanian
Phone: 02 9649 3380
Email: fr.basil@armeniancatholic.org.au
Website: http://www.armeniancatholic.org.au/

Rite: Armenian

Chaldean Eparchy of Oceania

Archbishop Amel Nona 
Bishop of Chaldean Diocese of St Thomas

Chancery Office
PO Box 3120

Telephone: (02) 9823 1800
Facsimile: (02) 9823 1266
E-mail: info@stthomasdiocese.org.au
Website: https://www.stthomaschaldean.org.au/

Rite: Chaldean

St Mark's Coptic Catholic Church

533 Reservoir Road

Website: http://www.saintmarkcatholic.com/

Rite: Alexandrian

Romanian Greek Catholic Church

74 Underwood Road

Rev Michael Anghel 
Telephone: (02) 9746 5548
Facsimile: (02) 9746 2903
E-mail: homebushcatholic@bigpond.com

Rite: Byzantine

Syriac Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mercy Church
102 Burwood Road
Concord NSW 2137
Sunday Mass Time:

St. Anthony Church
105 Eleventh Ave
Austral NSW 2179
Sunday Mass Time:

St.Therese Church
129 The Boulevarde
Fairfield Heights NSW 2165
Sunday Mass Time:

Parish Office

18 Canobolas Street, Fairfield West NSW 2165
Email: info@syriac-catholic-church.org.au
Website: http://www.syraic-catholic-church.org.au

Rev. Lenard Ina, Parish Priest
18 Canobolas Street, Fairfield West NSW 2165
Telephone: (02) 8750 9679
Mobile: 0476860277
E-mail: fr.youhanna_ena@yahoo.com

Rev. Majid Al-Hanna, Assistant Priest
18 Canobolas Street, Fairfield West NSW 2165
Telephone: (02) 8750 9679
Mobile: 0451959011

Syro Malabar Church

Fr. Thomas Alukka
Episcopal Vicar
Email: tomyalukka@gmail.com
Phone: 0469 236 118

Website: http://www.syromalabarsydney.org

Rite: Chaldean