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AWARDS AND HONOURS Information regarding some of the awards and honours available can be found here.

“Awards that are given to honour valour and bravery are very useful to encourage [people] to accomplish praiseworthy deeds because, as they do credit to persons worthy of the grateful recognition of the Church and society, they also stimulate others to follow their path leading to praise and honour.”

Vatican, 7 February 1905, Pope Pius X

Completed forms and references must be sent to:

The Chancellor
Polding Centre
133 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Contact may be made through his Executive Officer, Mr Mike Bailey on 9390-5100 or by email to Awards will take some time to be processed, but nominees and general members of the community must not be informed about applications until Honours are formally announced.

The Poem

Animal Nativity
by Les Murray

The Iliad of peace began
when this girl agreed.
Now goats in trees, fish in the valley
suddenly feel vivid.

Swallows flit in the stable as if
a hatchling of their kind,
turned human, cried in the manger
showing the hunger-diamond.

Cattle are content that this calf
must come in human form.
Spiders discern a water-walker.
Even humans will sense the lamb,

He who frees from the old poem
turtle-dove and snake
who gets death forgiven
who puts the apple back.

Dogs, less enslaved but as starving
as the poorest humans there
crouch, agog at a crux of presence
remembered as a star.

From Collected Poems, published by Black Inc., a division of Schwartz Publishing Pty Ltd. Used with Permission.

How do I enter?

• Agree to the Competition Conditions of Entry

• Complete the Entry Application Form, with your sheet music attached

Competition Criteria

• Set Les Murray’s poem, Animal Nativity to music.

• Compose music of no more than 5 minutes duration.

• Each entrant may only submit one entry either for him/herself or for a group of entrants where the entry has more than one composer.

• Compose a standard SATB choral piece with optional division of voices.

• Your entry may also have an optional organ accompaniment.

• Describe your compositional activity to date, such as whether you have studied composition or performed works.

For full criteria and more information, see the Competition Conditions of Entry and Competition Brief.


If you have any questions about the competition, please email