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Dear Premiers and Chief Ministers

As Catholics across Australia, we would like to express our gratitude for your leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been praying for our leaders during this time, as well as our health workers and all who have been affected by the virus, and assure you of our continued prayers.

We are grateful that the number of infections and deaths has continued to decline, and that  the country now in a position to begin lifting the restrictions that have been in place since March.

We are pleased with efforts to limit the financial impact on business owners and employees by easing limits on the operation of businesses.

We appreciate that you are concerned about maintaining our physical health, and committed to doing what you can to restore our economy.

But this is not all we need to thrive; we need the freedom to have our spiritual needs met as well.  The closure of churches has had a devastating effect on Catholics and others who turn to prayer particularly in difficult times.  We are concerned that our needs are not being given equal attention when planning the road to recovery.

Contrary to what has been said throughout this pandemic, we do not consider church attendance to be non-essential; indeed, nothing is more essential than the practice of our faith.

Premiers and Chief Ministers, Catholics are not asking for special treatment, we are asking for equal treatment.

We know that restarting the economy and education are important to the functioning of a good and stable society, but so too is the restarting of religious services.  The freedom to practice faith is necessary for human flourishing and a great contributor to the common good.

We therefore petition you, Premiers and Chief Ministers, to allow us to practice our faith freely and fairly.

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