Homilies 2013

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  • We have a new Pope - Homily for the Fifth Sunday of Lent (Year C)       17 Mar 2013
    The choosing of the name Francis has immediately endeared the new Pope to so many who hold this great saint in special affection. The choice of Francis reflects his personal spirit of simplicity and concern for the poor but it also indicates his desire for Christ and the beauty of the Gospel to be proclaimed with fresh enthusiasm. St Francis was a great evangelist who longed that people would come to know and love Christ as he did. It was Francis that was charged by the Lord to rebuild his church. These momentous events have occurred in the latter stages of the season of Lent as the eyes of the Church focus upon the coming commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  • Hunters Hill Parish Pastoral Visitation Mass - Fourth Sunday in Lent (C)       9 Mar 2013
    We have just listened to one of the most well known of the parables of Jesus. It offers a profound insight into the heart of God, captured in the attitude of the father to his prodigal son. The heart of God has a love for each of us whereby God reaches out to us in mercy and compassion. Let us resolve to be like the prodigal son and return to the father this Lent. Let us not allow Easter to arrive without having sought out the father's love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Pope Benedict's retirement - Third Sunday of Lent (C)       2 Mar 2013
    Pope Benedict understands so clearly that the Church survives not through the works of man, but by the grace of God. Today we hear the Lord in the parable today tell us that the gardener advises that the fig tree which has been unproductive should be given one more year. It should be fertilised to give it every chance to bear good fruit.
  • Centenary Mass on Mount Kosciuszko       23 Feb 2013
    Today we have gathered on the highest peak in Australia firstly to commemorate a similar gathering of some 200 people on this day in 1913, one hundred years ago. A Mass was celebrated here and a homily was delivered by the Archbishop of Sydney, Michael Kelly. It is claimed that this was the first Mass celebrated on this pinnacle. There is no reason to doubt this claim. So today we commemorate an historical moment.
  • "Sowing in Tears" - NSW Bishops' Pastoral Letter - Second Sunday of Lent (C)       23 Feb 2013
    As Lent commences each year the Gospel of the first Sunday invites us to embrace the penitential spirit of the season by presenting to us the account of the Lord withdrawing to the desert regions beyond the Jordan River. His forty days of prayer and fasting is the setting for Holy Mother Church calling her children to walk a similar path in preparing for Easter.
  • Lent: a time for purification - First Sunday of Lent (C)       16 Feb 2013
    We have entered the liturgical season of Lent. Its forty days are based on the forty days of prayer and fasting which the Lord embraced after his Baptism in the Jordan and before he commenced his public ministry. Each year on the first Sunday of Lent we read the account of his time of prayer and fasting and the temptations against his mission and purpose.
  • Rite of Election 2013       16 Feb 2013
    My brothers and sisters, the Church rejoices this day throughout the world as thousands upon thousands of men and women are enrolled to be baptized or received into the Church at Easter. The Church joyfully receives you today as you enter this final phase in preparation for Easter. May God's blessing come down upon you this day and may your hearts open even more widely to receive all that God has in store for you.
  • 40 DAYS FOR LIFE       11 Feb 2013
    We are made in the image and likeness of God - we heard this in the first reading tonight. The psalmist adds acknowledging that human beings are the highpoint of all that God has created: "with glory and honour you crowned him".