Most Rev Bishop Anthony Randazzo - Latest Engagements


5 April 2018
Council of Priests
College of Consultors and College of Trustees

6 April 2018
Curia Meeting
Various Chancery Meetings
Vocations Office Discernment Retreat Address

7 April 2018
Mass for the Legion of Mary

8 April 2018
Mass for Persons with Autism

9 April 2018
Young Clergy Conference

10 April 2018
Various Agency Meetings

11-17 April
Conference of the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences in Oceania

18 April
Curia Meeting
Various Agency Meetings

19 April
Council of Deans
Various Agency Meetings

20 April
Various Vocations Meetings
Ongoing Formation of Clergy Committee

21 April
Various Community Liturgies

22 April
Vocations Day Mass, St. Benedict’s Broadway
Vocations Day Panel Address, University of Notre Dame Australia