Our Parishes

St Francis Xavier Church (Jesuits, 1856)   -   Lavender Bay St Francis Xavier Church (Jesuits, 1856) - Lavender Bay Parish Boundary

St Francis Xavier Church, next to North Sydney station, is part of North Sydney Parish.

Deanery 5 - Click here to see other parishes in Deanery 5

North Sydney
17 Mackenzie Street
Lavender Bay NSW 2060

Postal Address:
PO Box 1409
North Sydney NSW 2059

Tel: (02) 8918 4130
Fax: (02) 9955 8877

Email: rosemariem@sjparishnsw.org.au
Website:  http://www.northsydneycatholics.com

There is a hearing loop in the parish

Mass Times

Sunday: 9.30am, 6pm (Folk Mass)
Monday: 12.10pm
Tuesday: 12.10pm
Wednesday: 12.10pm
Thursday: 12.10pm
Friday: 12.10pm
Saturday: 9.30am

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