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Our Lady of the Way (1959)   -   Sylvania        Our Lady of the Way (1959) - Sylvania Parish Boundary

Deanery 9 - Click here to see other parishes in Deanery 9

191 Princes Highway
Sylvania NSW 2224

Tel: (02) 9525 1448
Fax: (02) 9531 7182

Email: olssmiranda@onestream.com.au
Parish Priest: Rev John Greig
Assistant Priest: Rev Daniel McCaughan

There is a hearing loop in the parish

Mass Times

Sunday: 9.15am
Wednesday: 9.15am
Friday: 9.15am
Reconciliation: Before 9.15am Mass on Fridays- 8.30am
Other: Baptisms during the 9.15am Mass the first Sunday of the month by appointment.

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