Talitha Kum: International Network of Nuns Against Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
9 Mar 2016

The name Talitha Kum comes from the Gospel and it is an Aramaic word that literally means "Wake up."

Comboni Missionary Sister Gabriella Bottani is the coordinator for Talitha Kum, a Rome-based  international network of nuns against human trafficking.

SR. GABRIELLA BOTTANI - Coordinator, Talitha Kum
"I got involved many years ago when I met a trafficed woman. This encounter.. This meeting.. was so important for me that it changed..really.. the perception I had of this reality and I was no more able to be indifferent."

Sister Bottani works closely with other consecrated men and women in  five continents and over 70 countries. Talitha Kum focuses on promoting initiatives against trafficking persons in their particular contexts and cultures.

Some of Talitha Kum's goals are:

  • To promote networking between consecrated and laypersons alike;
  • The protection and assistance of victims as well as official reporting of trafficking;
  • To develop educational programs for raising the awareness.
  • To help the local networks improve their capacity to confront human trafficking.

SR. GABRIELLA BOTTANI - Coordinator, Talitha Kum
"There are many things that I would like to achieve. I hope that all the people of goodwill are able to renew their commitment in order to rescue the values of the Gospel. The value of solidarity. The value that allowed us to recognize in the person, in every person, our brother and sister."

Sister Bottani feels that they are headed in a positive direction in the movement against human  trafficking, but there is still more work to be done.

Since its inception Talitha Kum, continues to promote courses and training of new local networks to encourage networking and collaboration with other organizations working against human trafficking.