Cardinal Pell's Support For Survivors

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
29 Feb 2016

Cardinal Pell ties a ribbon on the fence of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens as a gesture of support for all survivors of abuse

Cardinal George Pell celebrated Mass this morning and spent the day with friends before preparing for the Royal Commission hearing via video link from Rome.

This will be the third time the Cardinal will have provided evidence to the Commission and he continues to support the Commission in its important work.

The Cardinal is also aware a number of survivors have travelled to Rome for the hearings, many of whom have requested to meet with him.

Arrangements are underway for these private meetings when the hearing concludes.

Yesterday Cardinal Pell visited Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens to pray for all survivors of abuse and the coming days which he hopes will eventually lead to healing for everyone.

Cardinal Pell also offered his support for the Loud Fence movement by tying a yellow ribbon on the fence at the grotto.

The Loud Fence movement was generated in Ballarat as an expression of support for victims of sexual abuse by tying colourful ribbons to fences and has spread to other cities.

"I am aware of the Loud Fence movement and how it has grown rapidly. This is my gesture of support, especially for the people of Ballarat," Cardinal Pell said.

"I think this is an entirely appropriate place to place a ribbon of support and prayed for all survivors of abuse here. I hope the coming days will eventually lead to healing for everyone."

Ribbons of support have also appeared on the barricades around St Peter's Square but none within the Vatican itself.

Cardinal Pell said he hoped people will accept this gesture of support and solidarity for the Loud Fence movement.