Pope Francis on Donald Trump: Christians Do Not Build Walls, They Build Bridges

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
19 Feb 2016

Pope Francis returned satisfied with his trip to Mexico. During the press conference with journalists on the plane, he addressed dozens of issues. They ranged from Donald Trump's proposal to stop immigration, to John Paul II close friendship with a philosophy professor; child abuse and the  Zika virus.


"A person who only thinks about building walls and  does not focus on build bridges is not a Christian. This is not the Gospel. Either you vote or you don't vote, do not meddle with it. I'm just saying that this man that is saying this is not a Christian. I want to find out if he has really said all of these things. Until then, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt."


"Abortion is not a lesser evil, it is a crime and when you get away with it ... that is just like the Mafia, a crime that is an absolutely evil."


"A man who does not know how to have a relationship of friendship with a woman -- I'm not talking about misogynists; they are sick in the mind, -- well, he's a man who is missing something. A friendship with a woman is not a sin. An affair with a woman who is not your wife is a sin. But the Pope is a man, the Pope needs the input of women, and he also has a heart that can have a healthy, holy friendship with a woman."


"A bishop who moves a parish priest when pederasty is detected, he is an inconsequent person and the best thing he can resign. Are we clear?"

When asked about Marcial Maciel, the Pope recalled when the former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Emeritus, faced the issue of Maciel's double life as of the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, despite strong resistance.

"Well, about Maciel, while returning to the congregation, I had an intervention and as of today, the government of the congregation is semi-intervened. In other words, the superior general, who is elected by the council and by the general chapter, but the vicar is chosen by the Pope. Two general councilors are elected by the council, the general chapter and the other two are elected by the Pope. This way, we can help to revise an out of date method."

The Pope has predicted that in the near future the official document will propose an itinerary of integration into the Church for divorced people, who are generally not include in Communion.

"Joining the Church does not mean giving communion, because I know Catholics who have remarried and go to church three or four times a year, and say, 'I want to take communion,' as if communion was a decoration. You need to work on truly integrating yourself into the church. All doors are open, but you can not say that you want to can take communion, this would wound marriages because it will not help to make, the couple whole in this path of integration."

In regards to family, the Pope also asked journalists to organize themselves better and to devote more time to the family.