Prelate of Opus Dei Javier Echavarria, Dies

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
12 Dec 2016

Javier Echevarría has died in Rome tonight at 9:20 pm, after a respiratory failure. He was the Prelate of Opus Dei.

Echevarría was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1932. He met personally the founder of Opus Dei, saint Josemaria Escrivá. During years he was his personal secretary.

In 1994 he was elected as prelate of Opus Dei, and John Paul II ordained him bishop.

During this years he has encouraged members of Opus Dei to try to find God in their "ordinary life", in their day to day life. Doing so they have also promoted hundred of charities, schools and universities for people from all social classes, in all continents.

He knew Rome Reports since the TV News Agency starts operating in 2003. He appreciated the idea of offering video news that helps people understanding the Pope and the Catholic church.

According official numbers, the Opus Dei has around 95,000 members all over the world.