Benedict XVI on Assisi: "Those who work toward peace, can't be far from God"

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
27 Oct 2011

To prepare for the coming inter-religius meeting in Assisi, the Vatican held a liturgy reading, instead of Wednesday's general audience. The pope reflected on ways to promote peace, by saying that those who actively work toward it, can't be far from God. He asked all Christians to build peace through prayer.

Benedict XVI
"I ask that you accompany me in prayer as I journey tomorrow to Assisi for the celebration of the Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in the World."

In regards to the coming meeting in Assisi, the pope said he hopes it will unite people.

Benedict XVI
"Let us pray that tomorrow's meeting in Assisi encourages dialogue between people of different religions. Let's pray that it illuminates the minds and hearts of all mankind, so that bitterness can lead to forgiveness, division to reconciliation, hatred to love and violence to calmness, so that peace may reign in the world."

About 170 religious leaders are expected in Assisi, where reflection, dialogue and friendship will be key. Twenty five years after John Paul II led the first meeting in 1986, now Benedict XVI will continue with the tradition.