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  • How Can We Ignore This? Famine Worsens: 800,000 Children Now at Risk       29 Jul 2011
    At least 10 people have been killed and 30 injured in the Somali capital of Mogadishu when Al-Qaeda-linked militants who control much of the city tried to prevent the United Nations' airlift of 14 tonnes of food reaching thousands of malnourished and desperately starving people.
  • "Courageous" a Film That Delves into Fatherhood       28 Jul 2011
    From the creators of the movie "Fireproof", comes a new film on the virtues of fatherhood. The film "Courageous" is the story of four men and the choices they make in their lives to become better fathers.
  • Child Beauty Pageant Goes Ahead Amid Outrage and Protests       28 Jul 2011
    Melbourne Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle does not like US-style child beauty pageants. Nor does Victoria's Mayor of Darebin Council, the local body in charge of the Northcote Town Hall where Australia's first ever child beauty pageant will be staged from tomorrow, Friday 29 July until Saturday evening, 30 July.
  • GG Welcomes Josephites' Travelling Roadshow       27 Jul 2011
    The Governor General, Quentin Bryce was presented with a commemorative bottle of Mary MacKillop Sainthood Wine and other special memorabilia from the Mary MacKillop Foundation by Josephite Sister Julianne Murphy at Government House in Canberra.
  • Vinnies Slams Malaysian Solution       27 Jul 2011
    The St Vincent de Paul Society's National Council has sharply criticised the Government's plan to send 800 asylum seekers to Kuala Lumpur in exchange for a promise to settle 4000 processed refugees currently being held in Malaysia.
  • Countdown to WYD Madrid       27 Jul 2011
    It's no long before World Youth Day kicks off in the capital of Spain where preparations are underway to welcome the pope and more than one million young people from around the world for World Youth Day 2011.
  • Ethics Classes Battle Over - For the Time Being       26 Jul 2011
    A representative of the Catholic Conference of Religious Educators in State Schools (CCRESS) will meet with Rev Fred Nile today to wish him well in his battle to scrap ethics classes in State schools - but they will not be joining him.
  • Asylum Seekers Denied Basic Human Rights       26 Jul 2011
    Australia is in breach of its international obligations over the finalised plan to transfer 800 asylum seekers, including unaccompanied minors, says Father Jim Carty, Coordinator for the Marist Asylum Seeker and Refugee Service.
  • Pope Condemns Violence and Oslo killings       25 Jul 2011
    In his Sunday Angelus from Castel Gandolfo, Benedict XVI condemned violence and prayed for the victim's of the terrorist attack in Norway. The attack of a lone gunman left 93 dead in the capital of Oslo.
  • Pro-Life Video Contest For Australian Students on Euthanasia       25 Jul 2011
    The stance of the Catholic Church on Euthanasia has tried to respect human life while taking into account human suffering. The Catholic social network XT3 is calling all young film makers in Sydney, Australia for creative videos to teach the Church's point of view on euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  • ACU Students Three Week Pilgrimage Follows in Footsteps of Pope John Paul II       25 Jul 2011
    Students from Australian Catholic University's North Sydney and Strathfield campuses will join those from the university's four other campuses in Ballarat, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane early next week for a pilgrimage that will have them following in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.
  • The Influence of Religion - And Even Cricket - on Politics in Zimbabwe       22 Jul 2011
    Australia's Prime Minister is a self-confessed atheist and many in today's secular society believe religion plays only a minor role in politics. However for many other politicians their faith is fundamental to who they are. One such person is human rights lawyer, prominent Zimbabwean politician and pro democracy activist, Senator, David Coltart.
  • World Youth Day's Cross is back in Madrid       22 Jul 2011
    For two years it was taken to 70 dioceses around Spain. Now it's back home in the Almudena Cathedral, where it stands next to the icon of the Virgin Mary.
  • Impressive Line up of Speakers for First Ever CCER Conference       22 Jul 2011
    The inaugural state-wide conference of the Catholic Commission of Employment Relations (CCER) will be held next month and for the first time will bring together leaders and managers working across the wide range of Catholic organisations including those involved with NGOs, social services, hospital and health care, as well as those working in primary, secondary or tertiary education.
  • Starving Millions Missing Out on Vital Aid       21 Jul 2011
    Despite the United Nations declaring an official famine in parts of southern Somalia, the scale and severity of the drought means millions of people are missing out on vital aid throughout a wider region.
  • Govt Back-Flips, Delays, and Lack of Compassion Trigger Detention Centre Protests       21 Jul 2011
    Roof protests, increasing incidents self harm, depression and despair at detention centres across Australia and on Christmas island have been exacerbated by the Government's back-downs, back flips and policy made on the run, says Fr Jim Carty, Coordinator of the Marist Asylum Seeker and Refugee Services. ...
  • Discerning God's Plan Is There for Everyone       21 Jul 2011
    The Archdiocese of Sydney had the opportunity to host an intensive Called and Gifted Program where people are encouraged to discern and use the unique gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit at our Baptism. ...
  • Sister Act Arrives in NSW       19 Jul 2011
    Over the past four months, Sister Julianne Murphy SJ has driven 15,000 km visiting schools, town centres and disaster-affected areas across Victoria, SA and WA as part of the Sisters of St Joseph's Travelling Roadshow - Australian Disaster Relief Recovery. ...
  • Ethics Classes Struggle to Find Volunteer Teachers       19 Jul 2011
    The impact of ethics classes offered as an alternative to Religious Education (RE) at state schools has been minimal, says Jude Hennessy, a representative for Bishop Peter Ingham of Wollongong who is the spokesperson on Special Religious Education (SRE) for the Bishops of NSW.
  • Abraham for the Twenty-First Century       15 Jul 2011
    Nearly 150 people from the three Abrahamic faiths got together last Sunday to listen to guests speakers and discuss how Abraham can speak to us today. ...
  • iActiv8 - The Road to Madrid       15 Jul 2011
    Two years before the start of World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, the Archdiocese of Sydney's social media network launched its WYD news portal - iActiv8. Now, with one month to go until the start of World Youth Day, Xt3 has upgraded this news page into a central multimedia hub for everything World Youth Day! ...
  • Family and Marriage Sunday a Special Celebration       15 Jul 2011
    This weekend the Archdiocese of Sydney will celebrate Family and Marriage Sunday when newly-weds, those about to wed and many who have been married 40 years or more join together to give thanks and ...
  • Sydney Women's Time and Talents Help Young People at Home and Abroad       15 Jul 2011
    Thanks to the dedicated energies and talents of members of the Sydney Archdiocese's Catholic Women's League (CWL), disadvantaged youngsters in Sri Lanka not only have a new pre-school but a range of vivid, hand-knitted blankets to keep them warm. ...
  • High Court Case to Challenge Government's Malaysian Solution       15 Jul 2011
    A directions hearing was held before the Australian High Court on Wednesday this week, challenging the lawfulness of holding 404 asylum seekers on Christmas Island in detention prior to sending them to an as yet, unnamed third country. ...
  • Direct Compensation on Energy Bills Not Tax Cuts       15 Jul 2011
    The National Council of St Vincent de Paul Society would like to see compensation for the Government's proposed Carbon Tax made directly through household energy bills rather than tax cuts. ...
  • Too Early to Estimate Cost of Carbon Tax on Charities       14 Jul 2011
    While concerned about cost increases from the Government's proposed carbon tax and how this may impact on its ability to help the nation's poor and vulnerable, CEO of CatholicCare, Bernard Boerma says it is important to keep the predicted increases as a result of the Carbon Tax in perspective. ...
  • Southern Cross Care CEO Leaves Remarkable Legacy       14 Jul 2011
    When John Ireland was appointed by a newly installed Board as CEO of Southern Cross Care (NSW & ACT) in 1988, he was faced with many challenges, not least of which was the organisation's desperate financial situation. ...
  • No Green Dollars for the Unemployed       11 Jul 2011
    The unemployed have been overlooked in the Federal Government's carbon tax compensation give away, according to the St Vincent de Paul Society's senior researcher Dr Andy Marks. ...
  • Pope greeted by crowds at Castel Gandolfo       11 Jul 2011
    Benedict XVI has finally arrived at Castel Gandolfo to begin his summer vacation. After arriving by helicopter from Rome, the pope was greeted by a welcoming committee.
  • Youth Leader Devett O'Brien Is On a Mission       8 Jul 2011
    Of the young Australians who are actively engaged in their faith this still represents only a fraction of those Catholic youth leader Devett O'Brien wishes to reach.
  • Countdown To Madrid       8 Jul 2011
    Hundreds of young pilgrims have gathered in Sydney the past week in preparation for World Youth Day in Madrid.
  • Project Compassion 2011 Raises Record $9.6 million       8 Jul 2011
    Australians might be worried about a recession and not spending money in the way retailers would like. But when it comes to helping the world's poor, we have have raised a record $9.6 million for 2011's Project Compassion.
  • Watered Down Health Reforms Fail to Address Key Issues       7 Jul 2011
    Waiting times at public hospitals are set to escalate with the Federal Government's back down on its promise to enlist private hospitals to reduce waiting lists for public patients needing elective surgery.
  • Reflection and Celebration During NAIDOC Week       7 Jul 2011
    On Friday night, 8 July more than 1500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will join community leaders, politicians and dignitaries at a Gala Ball at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre ...
  • Pope asks Christians to pray for AIDS patients       4 Jul 2011
    The Pope has asked all faithful to pray for AIDS patients, especially those in developing countries. He's also asking Christians to help ease their physical and spiritual suffering.
  • Domus Nearing Completion       1 Jul 2011
    The final fit-out of all major areas in the Australian pilgrim centre in Rome, Domus Australia is nearly complete. ...
  • Christians Face New Risks in Pakistan       1 Jul 2011
    The Pakistan Government has abolished the Federal Ministry of Religious Minorities increasing the risk of violence against Christians by radical Muslims.