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  • Catholic Health Warns Increased Waiting Lists if Rebate Goes       31 May 2011
    Any change in the government's private health insurance rebate risks increased public hospital waiting lists and will adversely affect both private and public patients, according to the CEO of Catholic Health Australia, Martin Laverty.
  • Provocative Billboards Threaten Social Harmony       31 May 2011
    An advertising campaign carrying the slogan "Jesus A Prophet of Islam" which has already appeared on giant billboards, is provocative and offensive and does little for social harmony and respect for religious differences. ...
  • Vatican launches new website for families       30 May 2011
    The Pontifical Council for the Family has a new and improved website. At, one can keep up with all the Council's activities.
  • Rallies Against Pint-Size Beauty Pageants Just the Beginning       26 May 2011
    Catherine Manning, organiser of Tuesday's rallies outside Federal parliament and every State Parliament in the country to protest American-style child beauty pageants being staged in Australia, says the nationwide protest is just the beginning. ...
  • Sorry Day Living on Borrowed Time       26 May 2011
    Today, Thursday 26 May marks the 15th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report on the Stolen Generations. ...
  • Some Bikers Really are Angels       24 May 2011
    The roar of Harley-Davidsons, the leathers covered in patches and badges, along with the tatts are instant giveaways. But these rev heads are nothing like the so-called 'outlaw bikie gangs' that make headlines in the media. Far from being outlaws, this group of guys are men with a mission.
  • All Aboard the Caritas Express       24 May 2011
    Australia's Ambassador to the Holy See, Tim Fischer was instrumental in getting the Caritas Express on line at the weekend for the 60th anniversary of Caritas Internationalis. ...
  • Teen Matters: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly       23 May 2011
    Almost 2,000 students from 21 schools across the three dioceses in the greater Sydney area gathered at Olympic Park at Homebush Bay recently to spend the day with three inspirational speakers ...
  • Welcome To Space Your Holiness       23 May 2011
    Pope Benedict XVI had a hotline to space on the weekend when he spoke with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station in an historic satellite link-up from the Vatican.
  • Power of Pornography a Major Health Hazard       23 May 2011
    Australian author, publisher, social researcher and teacher Maggie Hamilton pulls no punches when she accuses today's hyper-sexualised world of hijacking childhoods, leaving young boys confused and no longer aware of what is appropriate behaviour. ...
  • Young Students Determined to Help World's Poor       20 May 2011
    A group of Year 7 students from Loreto, Kirribilli who wanted to take action to help the world's poor and disadvantaged, organised a 15 km charity walk to raise money for Caritas Australia's annual Project Compassion Fundraiser.
  • Richard Branson Donates $20,000 to Help Australia's Homeless       20 May 2011
    British multi-millionaire, showman and founder of Virgin Airlines, Sir Richard Branson has given his enthusiastic backing to Society of St Vincent de Paul's national CEO Sleepout for the Homeless with a $20,000 donation.
  • Cardinal Pell Welcomes Vatican Guidelines on Sex Abuse       19 May 2011
    The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell has welcomed news from the Vatican asking all Episcopal Conferences to produce specific guidelines on how to deal with cases of sexual abuse by priests.
  • Two Archdiocese Priests Star in Man for All Seasons       19 May 2011
    Two priests from the Sydney Archdiocese are making a name for themselves as thespians with both starring in A Man for All Seasons which opens at the Seymour Centre on Saturday, 20 May.
  • Botox and Beauty Pageants a Little Shop of Horrors       19 May 2011
    A British woman recently went on US television to boast of how she injected botox into her eight year old daughter so the young beauty pageant contestant could better compete against others her age and become one of America's acclaimed - and rich - winners.
  • Priest's Book International Success       17 May 2011
    After just four months in bookstores, "Where the Hell is God" by Sydney-based priest, Father Richard Leonard SJ is a runaway success. ...
  • Book Prizes at National eConference       17 May 2011
    Groups participating in the biggest-ever national eConference on Thursday, 19 May have a chance to win a selection of books for their school, institute or parish to the value of $2,000.
  • Using Apps, Facebook and Twitter to pray the rosary       16 May 2011
    The Internet has revolutionized the world. Now, Catholics groups are using the web to revolutionize World Youth Day. It's a call to pray the rosary every Saturday, until the big day kicks off on August 16th.
  • Why John Paul II's Beatification Song is a Success       13 May 2011
    The Italian priest Marco Frisina composed this song. It's part of the soundtrack that was heard around the world during the beatification of John Paul II. It's entitled "Open the doors to Christ." It symbolizes the spiritual heritage the pope left in the world.
  • Age No Barrier for Sisters in Faith       13 May 2011
    For the past three years the Sisterhood movement spread across Australia with groups of women meeting on a regular basis to support one another in a celebration of faith and friendship.
  • Scheyville Hostel Reunion for Migrants from the 1940s, 50s and 60s       13 May 2011
    Australia's migrant camps that housed refugees from war-torn Europe from 1949 until 1964 are popularly remembered as hastily converted barracks where families were crowded into one room fibro huts, forced to bathe in communal shower blocks and eat in vast mess halls.
  • Former MP to head Catholic Education Foundation       13 May 2011
    Kevin Greene, former member of the NSW Legislative Assembly, and for many years State MP for Oatley, will head up a new education foundation established by the Archdiocese of Sydney's Catholic Education Office (CEO). ...
  • Qualified Support for Budget's Mental Health Funding       13 May 2011
    Most mental health experts welcomed the Federal Government's $2.2 billion investment announced on Budget night. However as they scratch below the surface some of the shine is fading a little. ...
  • Interfaith Service Remembers Victims of the Holocaust       13 May 2011
    The altar in the Crypt of St Mary's Cathedral was draped in black and white for the annual Sho'ah Memorial Service to commemorate the Holocaust and the millions who died in Germany's death camps from 1933 until the end of World War II in 1945. ...
  • Teacher Bonus Scheme Doesn't Add Up for Everyone       11 May 2011
    While Dr Dan White, Director of Schools for the Archdiocese of Sydney applauds the Gillard Government's recognition of the critical role outstanding teachers play in society, he is cautious about giving an unqualified thumbs up to a scheme to reward such teachers bonuses of up to 10% of their salaries.
  • For Charities Budget a Mixed Blessing With Threat of Charity Tax       11 May 2011
    The Gillard Government's proposal to tax revenue of commercial enterprises of not-for-profit organisations needs thorough investigation and testing before being made law to prevent unintended cuts to health services, says Martin Laverty, Chief Executive Officer for Catholic Health Australia (CHA).
  • Budget's Big Stick to Welfare Not the Answer - Vinnies Chief       11 May 2011
    The Government will not create a smart and confident Australia by taking a stick to the backs of the poor and society's most vulnerable, says Dr John Falzon, Chief Executive Officer of the National Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.
  • Push for Euthanasia in Sth Aust Gets Second Life       6 May 2011
    There is still life in a proposed law allowing euthanasia in South Australia despite being dealt a near-mortal blow in parliament this week with five MPs saying they would block the government's proposed legislation. ...
  • Remembering the Holocaust More Important than Ever       6 May 2011
    On Monday, 9 May Christians and those from other faiths will join with Sydney's Jewish community for a Sho'ah Memorial Service to be held in the Crypt of St Mary's Cathedral ...
  • Sister Act Road Show       6 May 2011
    In the past six weeks, Sister Julianne Murphy sj has travelled 5000 km, met and spoken with 4000 kids and given 75 presentations to schools but to the South Australian's chagrin, so far she has only collected five autographs for her Adelaide Crows' Supporters Scrapbook. ...
  • A True Mother's Day Miracle       6 May 2011
    In October last year Anna arrived at the Surry Hills Proterm Abortion Clinic distraught but determined to terminate her pregnancy. ...
  • Freeman College Students Give Cardinal an Enthusiastic Welcome       6 May 2011
    Catholic Schools Week is in full swing across NSW and for the 1291 secondary school students at Freeman Catholic College at Bonnyrigg Heights, there was no doubt the highlight for them was a visit by the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell. ...
  • PM Praises Catholic Vocational College as Model for Australia's Future       4 May 2011
    The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard chose the Archdiocese of Sydney's Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College at Burwood as the ideal location to announce the Government's plan to provide cost of living support to families so their teenage children will remain longer at school and obtain a full education as well as job skills.