"Dialogue with non-Christians is Essential in the Church"

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
7 Jun 2010

"An essential part of our Church's life and mission" is the "search for greater unity in charity with other Christians and the dialogue with those who are not Christians." These were the words of Pope Benedict while meeting with the Catholic community of Cyprus at the Maronite school in the capital Nicosia.

Speaking of interreligious dialogue, Benedict XVI recalled that "much still needs to be done throughout the world" and only by patient work can mutual trust be built, the burden of history overcome, and the political and cultural differences between peoples become a motive to work for deeper understanding.

Referring to the plight of the Maronite faithful from the four villages in the north of Cyprus, under Turkish control, he said that "we Christians are a people of hope. For my part, I fervently hope and pray that, with the commitment and good will of those concerned, a better life for all the inhabitants of the island will be speedily assured."