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Us Choir Downunder

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
26 Jun 2009

One of the most admired girls' choirs from the USA currently touring Australia will sing at the 9.a.m Mass at St Mary's Cathedral on Sunday, June 28.

The 50-strong Northwest Girlchoir Amore, directed by Sara Boos, is made up of girls between 14 and 16 years of age from the Puget Sound area of Seattle. Highly-trained and known for the sophistication and complexity of their singing, the treble choir is in Australia for three weeks. During this time the choir will perform with the Young Voices of Melbourne Choir, The Gondwana Voices (Australia's national children's choir), the University of Newcastle Chamber Choir and the Brisbane Concert Choir.

The young choir members from America's northwest, love performing and love music. They are also keen sightseers and on this their first visit to Australia have drawn up a long list of "things to do and see."

A swim at Bondi is a number one priority and other "musts" include cuddling a koala, seeing and petting a kangaroo and hearing a kookaburra laugh.

Taking time out to explore Australia, the girls have already visited Philip Island where they saw the famous parade of fairy penguins.

"That was a real highlight," says Ted Johnson., one of the choir organizers.

The girls' blogs home are filled with shots of what they have seen so far including pictures of them hand feeding wild parrots and cockatoos.

"But we've yet to see a crocodile, a shark and one of your scary spiders," Ted joked.

However, the young choristers may have their chance to see a shark when they arrive in Sydney on June 25, but for a crocodile they may have to wait until they head north to Queensland.

At present, though, the girls focus is on singing and their upcoming appearance at St Mary's Cathedral on Sunday, June 29. It promises to be a special event and all are welcome at the Mass which begins at 9.a.m.

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