Tell Us about Your Priest

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
19 Jun 2009

As part of the Year of the Priest, we want to pay tribute to all our priests  who make such a difference to our lives and are such an integral part of our parish and Church life, our communities and our schools.

Too humble to sing their own praises, it’s up to you to let us know who they are.

Tell us about the priest or priests who have inspired you and helped you in your own life and brought you closer to God.

For the next 12 months we will bring you the personal stories of as many priests as possible from across the country. With each individual story, we’ll discover what a vocation as a priest really means and the joys and difficulties faced by them in today’s increasingly complex world.

The priests you nominate can be newly-ordained assistant priests in your parish or they might be priests who are now retired after years dedicated service. They may be your parish priest who has married you and has baptised your children and become a close friend and support. Or they could be a teacher at a school or university or a chaplain in the Army, Air Force or Navy. They may be a priest who works with the sick and dying or they could be counselors on marriage and family life.

There are no restrictions other than the priest you nominate be someone you particularly admire, love and wish to thank.

Email us at or write to us at Catholic Communications, Polding House, 133 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000.