What is Good Friday?

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
22 Apr 2011

Good Friday is one of the principal celebrations of Catholicism. It's the day Catholics remember the death of Jesus on the Cross. Good Friday and Holy Saturday are the only days when no Mass is celebrated, as a way to mourn the death of Jesus.

Even though there is no celebration of Mass, there is a veneration of the cross and the Passion of Christ is remembered.

In this worship, the crucifix is unveiled in three stages. Since there is no consecration in this celebration, communion is distributed with consecrated hosts during the Mass of Holy Thursday.

During this day's liturgy, Catholics pray especially for the Church, the pope, priests as well as those who profess to other religions.

It's also customary to pray the Via Crucis on this day, which literally means "the way of the cross." It follows the 14 different scenes that Jesus passed through until his death.